Quit Your ‘Addiction’ and START YOUR REAL LIFE!

Who or what is ruling your life?

Are you sick and tired of smoking cigarettes, worrying about illness and feeling powerless?

Have you tried and tried to quit smoking without success?

Well you’re not alone … BUT…What if you could wake up tomorrow

knowing you’re a Non-Smoker? In Control of your Life and well on the way back

to your healthy, confident “Smokin’ Hot” self?

Yes – It is possible…with HYPNOSIS

Hypnosis is Proven to be Safe, Easy & Effective

It is up to three times as effective as nicotine replacement therapy (1),

and for your additional security We Give a Solid “Backup – Guarantee!

Here’s what some of our successful clients have to say *


“I have had an ongoing smoking habit for the best part of 35 years. During that time I have tried various methods to stop smoking, all of which were unsuccessful. I made an appointment with Carmel and … I came away a NON SMOKER!”

P W, Brisbane

… Did not need a cigarette and was not bothered by others smoking around me. I remember being told that soon I would feel like I had never been a smoker … that is exactly how I feel!”

AC, Brisbane

So call 1300 971701 today – Quit Smoking and Start Healing. The next testimonial could be yours!

What will you get in our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program?

  • Fast, Easy –  High Success Rate. With this program you will enjoy the benefits of our impressive success rates. Most of my clients quit completely in one session and experience no withdrawals at all.
  • Why You Are Unique When you book in for your session we design a specially constructed session just for you. Everyone is different and you can be assured of personal attention that will get to the bottom of your smoking habit.
  • Why you haven’t been able to quit. During your session you will learn the special role of your unconscious mind. After the session it will be at your service, not the other way round!
  • The Secret to avoiding Weight Gain and Cravings. After your session you will have all the tools to stay in control of any cravings or weight gain. There is a secret to this and it will be shared with you.
  • Lifetime Guarantee. You will have the security of knowing you are assured of that extra special attention, at your request, in the unlikely event you will ever need it. You know the song…’Winter Spring Summer or Fall…all you have to do is call”?   It’s all taken care of.
  • FREE Coaching session.You will also qualify for  a free  coaching session of your choice for weight loss, nutrition, relationships  or stress.


Refer a Friend and Earn $50.00 off your session!

Call 1300 971701 to find out more

or email info@quitfast.com.au

*conditions apply

Can’t come in to our office or would just rather do it by yourself?

“The TEN STEPS TO STOP SMOKING” Hypnosis Download Pack may be for you.

Money Back Guaranteed!

Quit when you’re ready and  keep smoking while you learn.

Maybe you live too far away or maybe you’re a bit shy like me.

Perhaps you’re just not  comfortable with the idea of hypnosis with a real live therapist (not that there’s any need to be shy).

If that sounds like you you’re going to love this package. It will teach you the ins and outs of your smoking habit and what is stopping you from reaching your goal,

ALL in the comfort of your own home.

The 10 Steps to Stop Smoking Package will help you Quit in your own time, at you own pace, in your own space.

Just click on the box below and check it out!

Only you know what will suit you the best!

I mean, Face to Face is great but if you can’t make it into the office you can still get the support you need.

If you’re really ready though nothing beats the personalised  QuitFast for Life program.

Best Hurry though – appointments fill up fast!

book now

Or CallQuitFast for Life on 1300 971 701 for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.

Now, before you go you may like to enter your details into the Opt In box  at the top of the page and get your

FREE Audio Download Have a listen and when you feel ready – all you have to do is book your session with Carmel or download your Hypnosis Ten Step pack for home use.

If you’re still not sure whether you are ready to Quit just yet we also do very affordable QUIT PREPARATION SESSIONS

These FACE TO FACE or SKYPE sessions allow you to get to know your habit and motivations better so you can make an informed decision about if and when you will quit cigarettes. You can start by going to our resources page and completing a smoking diary. This will show you what is REALLY happening! Are you game?

When you’re done, CALL us  on 1300 971701 for your Free 15  Minute consultation.  We are happy to help.


A WORD OF WARNING! I won’t work with just anyone.

I can only complete the quit smoking hypnosis with people who are ready and willing to quit for good.

If you are just ‘sort of thinking about it’ vaguely or are thinking of coming in  just to get someone off your back this may not be for you. Book a quit preparation session first and find out.

If you know you’re not ready then this is not yet for you

If you  have DECIDED and are now ready to quit

book now

or you can Give us a Call on 1300 971701

Don’t wait another day for your LIBERATION  from the slavery of cigarettes.

And remember, if you really can’t make it into the office or you’re a bit shy, please consider the

“10 Steps to Stop Smoking Package.

Whilst one on one contact is great, we do want EVERYONE to have that chance to become a Non Smoker.

The ’10 Steps to Stop Smoking Package’ allows you do this in your own time at you own pace in your own space.

Just click on the box below to learn more.

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN

book now

Oh and before you go, check out these Popular Hypnosis Downloads. They will help you on your Quit Smoking journey.

Top 10 Hypnosis Best Sellers


*Disclaimer: Reported testimonials are genuine, however Individual Results May Vary

(1) A meta-analytic comparison of the effectiveness of smoking cessation methods. Journal of Applied Psychology. Vol 77(4), Aug 1992, 554-561.

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