Are you sick of being told what to do?

Do it!

Are we living in a ‘Nanny State’?

There are so many people willing to tell us what to do these days we hardly know whether we are coming or going! How do we know what is right??

Surely we are grown up enough to make our own decisions, the trouble is we need information upon which to base our decisions. I mean sure, we all know smoking is bad for you and to quit smoking is a good thing but for many other things, accurate information can be hard to come by. Conflicting opinions abound and who has time to do all the research required to check it all out? It’s all too hard and so the tendency is to give up and just do what we’ve always done.

Or maybe we WANT to be told what to do…maybe it’s easier than trying to figure it all out..

Take food and nutrition as an example.

The advice changes almost daily. Don’t eat fat – eat fat – sugar is great for energy – sugar is poison – drink diet drinks – don’t drink diet drinks!! Eggs??? Forget it…Eggs??? eat a dozen..

It never ends!!!!!!!!!

What is my advice? EAT REAL FOOD. Eat a moderate amount. Not too much fruit. Not too much of anything.

So, what is ‘real food’?

It’s food that hasn’t been changed. Food you make at home. Food that does not require a biochemistry degree to construct.

An egg is an egg. You might boil it or make an omelette, but you know it is an egg. You can spell it – E.G.G.

Vegetables and salad. Meat. Some dairy if you tolerate it…Nuts, seeds, some grains if you like.


What is NOT ‘real food”?

Something that comes in a box is likely to be ‘NOT real food’…pancakes, muffins, pies. Many ‘gluten free ‘ foods are not all that healthy.

Manufactured meats?? ???? Anything made with white flour is in danger of being unhealthy.

Chips, Pretzels, Cake.

If any of these things are in your regular daily diet you are most likely missing out on nutrition. They are also expensive!

But you know what? IT’S UP TO YOU.


Can’t cook to save your life?

Well if you want to save your life perhaps you COULD learn! It’s not that hard really.

So, don’t be ‘told’ yet at the same time don’t be stubborn!

Find out for yourself how simple eating makes you feel better and saves you heaps of money.

Find out what works for you.

If you would like some assistance or are not sure where to start please give us a call on 1300 971701 and book your FREE 30minute session.

What have you got to lose?


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