If you had an ‘identical’ twin would you always look the same?

My father is an identical twin.

(that’s not them by the way)

He and his brother were so good at duplicating

themselves they had  sixteen children between them.

Well not between THEM..with their respective wives!

Oddly enough, not one of these offspring produced twins

themselves and as far as I know none of the

grandchildren have either…but I digress.

My father and uncle were born with the same genes.

EXACTLY the same and as boys they were very alike.

Family could tell them apart but strangers had difficulty.

This of course was always fun when introducing new boyfriends and teasing the grandchildren.

As they got older however they began to look less alike. Now at  85 years of age there are marked differences

between them both physically and mentally. They no longer look exactly the same.

Why am I telling you this? Well because I want to tell you about genes.

We are all born with brand new functioning genes BUT as we get older their function begins to decline and

get out of balance.

This is called ageing and it is caused by numerous factors such as diet, environment, stress and pollution such as tobacco or cigarette smoking. If twins experience differences in these areas they begin to look different. So will you. Up until now we just thought this was inevitable – that you just look like this becausethat is how you look. However this is not necessarily true. New research is showing that damage and ageing can be reversed and products and supplements have been developed that can do this. If you want to know more about this please follow this link to watch an amazing video explaining this science. [important]If you would like to see and test some of these products Please contact me on 1300 971701. Of course you also can quit smoking to enhance the process! If you’ve already quit it is time to repair and rejuvenate. Ask me how.[/important]

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