Is it really possible to ‘control’ everything that goes into your body?

It’s Easter Time!! and I don’t know about you but I looove Easter Eggs. However I did manage to restrain myself to about two. The thing is though I was detemined to enjoy the ones I ate, I was not going to sit there and feel guilty about it and this brings me to today’s post.

I am all for healthy eating and healthy living but here’s the thing I do not believe it is possible to control everything that affects my body. I can certainly pick and choose food within my budget and knowledge about food, I can exercise and save things like easter eggs for that once a year treat, and I can definitely decide whether I will smoke cigarettes or not,  BUT I cannot possiby control the all the air pollution, chemicals in foods, or genetic modifications I may know nothing about.

I live in a city in which there are cars that emit exhaust. Aircraft fly overhead leaving trails of vapour and exhaust.  I am surrounded my electromagnetic radiation and goodness knows what else. Water is not always pure. It has flouride added, plus chlorine to kill bugs . Food comes in plastics that can leach into the food. What I actually ingest on a daily basis is anyone’s guess! Often even the ‘experts’ cannot agree on what is good for us, so what is my point?

My point is that life is to be enjoyed and we cannot possibly control every factor. We will all die of something so it really comes back to knowing what we can control, what we can’t control and the wisdom to know the difference. If we cannot do that we end up stressed about things that are out of our control and while it’s understandable, it’s not  at all helpful. Stress itself is a funny thing too. We can’t even agree on what to get stressed about. I was talking to a lady who had come to Australia as a refugee and I commmented that it must have been really scary to live in a war torn area surroounded by soliders with machetes and machine guns.  She told me that she had gotten used to that situation and in fact had been more scared in Australia when having to cross the road in heavy traffic. Go figure!

So here’s the question…what can you control and what do you stress about? Decide and then do something about that…decide to eat well and you will. Decide to quit smoking and you can. It really is that simple and if you use stress as your excuse then start to question what you are stressed about and whether it is within your control to change it . If you are not sure then talk to a life coach or counsellor. We are always happy to help and you can access a complimentary session with us at Symmetry. Just give us a call on 1300 971701  to find out more. Meanwhile Happy Easter!

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