how to quit smoking

Winter Blues? 7 simple steps you can take to lift your mood

Are you just a little bit over winter time and hiding under trackies and your doona! I know I am. I am starting to think about the coming summer and how I might look in my swimsuit! (Yikes!) How will you be? Fit, slim and happy or pasty, sluggish and overweight? Of course making the decision to quit smoking is the single best thing you could have done for your health, but don’t spoil it or make it hard for yourself by eating poorly. Winter can be a time when we miss out on our fix of sunshine, vitamin D and exercise.We may […]

Watch Your Language Please!

When you think about how to quit smoking what sort of language do you use? Are you thinking quitting is hard? Are you trying to quit? (Whatever that means) How often do you hear someone say “Oh quitting smoking is worse than coming off heroin!”? Or “It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do”! One reason people say this type of thing is that they LOVE to gossip, create dramas and appear knowledgeable and important.The other is because language like this is also both a reflection of current beliefs and the cause of them.  The more times you repeat it, the […]

So You Think You’re a Rebel Punk Rocker? HUH? HUH?

It’s so interesting isn’t it, that humans just love to get attention and be significant! The thing is though – exactly who do you want the attention from? Take the example of a punk rocker. Picture the spiky hair, multiple earrings and metal spiking, grungy clothes and evil SNARL! The Bad Language! Let’s NOT even think about the music (apologies to any punk fans out there). They so badly want to be different, yet in the end they all look the same as each other. That is to say equally ridiculous. That however is not the point. The point is […]


If you need a little extra motivation or help on how to quit smoking, or a reality check on how you are really seen as a smoker; ASK YOUR FAMILY and friends. They will give you some quit smoking tips. They will tell you about those little things they see or experience that you are not even aware of. Especially ask your kids…because they are so honest aren’t they – the little darlings. Things I know Kids Won’t Miss: Being left to watch TV or amuse themselves because you are always outside smoking. Hearing you, ahem … ‘Coughing your guts […]

Ex-Smokers tell – Quit Smoking Cessation is Easy!

This weekend we held a stall at a local market to promote our quit smoking cessation service. We had a great day and spoke to many smokers. We also spoke to many ex-smokers. Without fail they told us that they had very quickly worked out how to quit smoking. They also said it was EASY!How did they do it? Every one of them told us that they DECIDED to quit and then they did not smoke another cigarette. They also said that they had very strong reasons to quit. These are the key requirements when considering how to quit smoking. […]

How to quit smoking when your partner won’t!

So you want to quit smoking but your partner doesn’t? This can be a bit tricky, especially if it is time normally spent together. You want quit smoking cessation NOT relationship cessation right? How will you replace that time together? It can be especially hard if you have limited time available between work and family commitments. What do you do? Do you tell them to smoke alone? Do you give them an ultimatum to ‘quit or else’? That will likely just cause a lot of resistance and resentment. How do they feel about you quitting anyway? Have you discussed it […]

Good News Quit Smoking Cessation Really IS Worth It

You probably want to quit smoking but are not sure what will happen when you do or even how to quit smoking. The good news is that quitting smoking has immediate and long-term health benefits. Within days, you will be breathing and moving around more easily. Within one year, your chance of having a heart attack is halved Within 10 years your chance of dying from lung cancer is halved. It may also reduce your need to take medicines for smoking-related diseases. Make it work for you   To successfully quit smoking you really have to want to quit. Once […]