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Toxic nicotine replacement ‘therapy’ in pregnancy… under researched & dangerous?

Many women quit smoking easily as soon as they discover they are expecting a baby; others unfortunately struggle to quit even though they may want to. A new program in the Hunter Valley, Australia is attempting to address this issue and is aimed at reducing smoking rates in pregnant Aboriginal women by the use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). The program also plans to provide Nicotine Replacement free of charge to the families of those seeking to quit smoking, making it a family affair where members can presumably provide support and accountability to each other. There is no question that […]

New Year Resolutions Anyone?

Quit Smoke Cessation is a very popular New Year resolution topic, but did you know most New Year resolutions are not kept past the end of February? Please be aware of this as you sit there wondering How To Stop Smoking in 2013. Resolutions are great and a firm resolution or decision is certainly needed to quit cigarettes. Just don’t make this  resolution simply because it is the thing to do in the New Year and everyone is expecting you to say it. Do it because you want to. Do it because you can see 2013 and the years after […]

Quirky Quit Smoking Tips for those who “Love” Smoking.

Are you one of those smokers who “loves smoking” yet would really like to quit but are a bit scared? Here are some interesting quit smoking tips that you may find useful. I’ll bet that when you smoke you always use the same hand to smoke with, smoke your favourite brand and smoke your cigarettes in the same locations and situations. Am I right or am I right? Yes, I thought so. So before you actually quit; what I am suggesting you do is this: Change hands! Change Brands Change time & location What??? Ok let me explain. When you […]