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Toxic nicotine replacement ‘therapy’ in pregnancy… under researched & dangerous?

Many women quit smoking easily as soon as they discover they are expecting a baby; others unfortunately struggle to quit even though they may want to. A new program in the Hunter Valley, Australia is attempting to address this issue and is aimed at reducing smoking rates in pregnant Aboriginal women by the use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). The program also plans to provide Nicotine Replacement free of charge to the families of those seeking to quit smoking, making it a family affair where members can presumably provide support and accountability to each other. There is no question that […]

Winter Blues? 7 simple steps you can take to lift your mood

Are you just a little bit over winter time and hiding under trackies and your doona! I know I am. I am starting to think about the coming summer and how I might look in my swimsuit! (Yikes!) How will you be? Fit, slim and happy or pasty, sluggish and overweight? Of course making the decision to quit smoking is the single best thing you could have done for your health, but don’t spoil it or make it hard for yourself by eating poorly. Winter can be a time when we miss out on our fix of sunshine, vitamin D and exercise.We may […]

Smoking Cessation, Anxiety and depression

Are you a smoker who suffers from anxiety or mild depression? If so, do you think this is a motivator for smoking cessation or a disincentive? Smoking actually makes you more stressed so feelings of anxiety can motivate smoking cessation. However, depressive symptom patterns are common in smokers and even contemplating smoking cessation could also trigger anxiety further. With this in mind it may be useful to explore this issue in your quit preparation sessions – before you quit. Assess and treat the anxiety first. Learning new stress management skills before you quit may help you to help you deal […]

Smoking robs the body of nutrients – Improve Your Diet & Your Chances of Successful Smoking Cessation

How might smoking affect your other health choices? How might your other health choices affect smoking? We all know that smoking is bad for us however what you may not know  is how smoking affects your body from a nutritional standpoint that is;  diet, exercise, and nutritional deficiency. The fact is that beyond the act of smoking itself, many smokers also engage in other negative health behaviours. Studies show that smokers are more likely than non-smokers to practice the following: • Eating too few fruits and vegetables • Eating foods with a high fat content • Consuming alcohol and caffeine […]