‘The Marketing of Madness’ – Are we all insane?

Medicating depression, symptoms of mental illness, or even normal life reactions when it is not necessary or even appropriate is something that makes me REALLY MAD!

So I am thrilled that this new film ‘The Marketing of Madness’ has been made – in fact I wish I had made it myself! Having said that, I believe there are situations where medications have been useful, even life-saving.

So what is the truth? Whose agenda is valid?

About the film:

“If you, a loved one, or anyone you know is taking drugs recommended by an MD or Psychiatrist for Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polar, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive, Schizophrenia etc… then this film is an absolute must watch.”

– James Colquhoun – Producer Director, ‘Food Matters’

The film goes on to detail how there is a profit driven marketing relationship between psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies.

It also questions diagnoses that are based on dubious science. A mental condition is not something that you can objectively measure. It is quite subjective. It wasn’t all that long ago that homosexuality was listed as a disease.Now it is not.

Today there is a tendency to make other normal life situations and feelings such as grief, a medical condition. Overactive kids are ‘sick’.I wonder what the next ‘illness’ will be?

The film also suggests that ‘convenient research’ is used to support the use of drugs. That is to say, research is ‘cherry picked’ and only the research that is positive to the prescription of a drug is used.

To make things worse, many of these psychotropic drugs are highly addictive, and many users report extreme distress and difficulty weaning themselves off them. Side effects can also be severe and sometimes permanent, or even worse than the original condition.

Watch this short video preview.

Then if you would like to know more about this film go here.

So what is the alternative?

Well there are many alternatives. Many emotional and mental symptoms can be managed without drugs.

Correct nutrition, mindset, exercise, counselling, hypnosis, therapy and coaching are all hugely beneficial for many, many people and I am a firm believer in using these tools well before the medication option. Sure more intervention may be needed if a person is psychotic or dangerous to themselves or others but even then non drug therapies would be useful once the crisis is over. In any case, how could being healthier be a problem??

So if you are trying to quit smoking, reduce stress and emotional discomfort and really hate the idea of taking drugs you might like to explore your other options further.

I am not suggesting you should suddenly stop taking your medication, but you could start to make changes until you are at a point where you don’t need them (if you ever did!)

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Meanwhile – be happy and healthy.

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