Can anyone quit smoking cigarettes with hypnosis ?

Why do you turn some people away?

quit smoking

Well, do you really want to quit smoking cigarettes?


At QuitFast for Life we won’t conduct a session with a person who doesn’t want to stop smoking for themselves. For example, people who have been pushed into it by their partners and who don’t really want to be there. We can’t make people do things that they don’t really want to do. We can only make it easy to do something you want to do for yourself, for your own reasons. So please, be sure you really want to quit smoking!


Secondly, the system may not be appropriate for those who are suffering from a severe psychiatric or psychological disorder . Please contact your practitioner for more information about this. If in the first 15 minutes we don’t think the program is suitable for you, we’ll end you away with a full refund because nothing is more important to us than your wellbeing and success.