What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) anyway?

NLP is a relatively new field concerned with our patterns of behaviour or habits and communication patterns.

Patterns include not only our outward actions, for example, smoking cigarettes, but also the way we think, our states of mind, beliefs and  emotions and what we focus on with our senses. 

What we focus on  creates our  personal reality, e.g. “I am addicted to nicotine, therefore it is hard to quit smoking”, rather than an actual ‘true’ reality.

In other words, it is only true because you believe it to be true.

This is exciting because  it means we can adjust our belief and reality to something more workable and beneficial to us,  e.g. “it is EASY to quit cigarettes”.  If it weren’t easy, no-one would be able to go “cold turkey” would they?

The Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes program is a model of “how to be a non-smoker”, it shows you how, and this is what you will learn in your session. You will learn how to copy being a non smoker and it will becomes automatic and natural for you to be one.